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STARGROVES Stargroves is an eclectic mix of NYC based musicians, founded by lead singer and songwriter Teddy Watson. Influenced by bands such as Freelance Whales, Stars, and Sigur Rós, the members of Stargroves play a variety of intriguing instruments, accounting for the originality of their sound. In addition to singing lead vocals, Teddy also plays guitar and banjo. He is accompanied by four core band members: Enrico De Trizio (keyboard, synth, accordion), Bryan Percivall (bass, backing vocals), Charlie Rauh (electric guitar, backing vocals), and Oskar Häggdahl (drums). On certain recordings and special live performances, there is an extended cast of band...

JOE SILVA Classic rock singer-songwriter JOE SILVA has announced the US release of his newest album, "Blue," set to drop July 23, 2013. The New England-based recording artist spent the last year working with world renowned drummer Anton Fig (CBS Orchestra for the Late Show with David Letterman), who produced the album. SILVA got his start in music when he was just 14, performing in a band with some classmates, playing in local bars and nightclubs. The group opened for numerous acts including Joan Jett, the Hooters, Joe Satriani, and Extreme. Over the course of his career as a singer, guitarist, and...

EMIKO Having found out that she is booked through 2010 with a tour that takes her to Japan, Germany, England, Canada and more only adds to Emiko's excitement that two of her fan-funded singles debuted on iTunes as digital exclusives on March 6. Emiko is using her "down time" off the road to hole up in the studio with Grammy-nominated producer Tommy Faragher. As if all this wasn't enough, Emiko has been invited to lecture at Japan Music Week in Tokyo as the Founder and Executive Director of the Asian-American Music Industry Association (AAMIA), and also at the Vancouver Island Music...

THE ANNUAL JOEY RAMONE BIRTHDAY BASH The date for the 2011 annual event has been announced at famed New York City venue Irving Plaza wasThursday, May 19, 2011 on what would have been JOEY's 60th birthday. All net proceeds are donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Customarily, the BIRTHDAY BASH featured musical performances by a bevy of internationally acclaimed and up-and-coming artists, as well as screenings of rare and exclusive videos of JOEY and The Ramones. This year's roster of participants included Black 47, Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers), The Rattlers, The Indecent, and a tribute to Joey performed by the "Joey Ramone Birthday Bashers" who debuted songs...

1964 THE TRIBUTE PAST CLIENT: Since the early 80's, 1964 The Tribute has been thrilling audiences all over the globe with what Rolling Stone Magazine has called the "Best Beatles Tribute on Earth." 1964 The Tribute takes their audiences on a musical journey to an era in rock history that will live in all of our hearts forever. They are hailed by critics and fans alike as the most authentic and endearing Beatles tribute in the world. Choosing songs from the pre-Sgt. Pepper era, 1964 astonishingly recreates an early 60's live Beatles concert, with period instruments, clothing, hairstyles, and onstage banter. Over 25...

DAN SIMONIS & THE WEST TEXAS MILLIONAIRES PAST CLIENT: Legend has it that Dan moved to Texas from a dusty Mexican border town to drill for oil, struck it rich, squandered away the profits in Las Vegas, and then hooked up with a hapless group of musicians to form this band, now releasing their debut album.

MIMI BETINIS PAST CLIENT: Mimi is best known as lead vocalist for the original power-pop group Pezband. The Chicago-based singer/songwriter/guitarist enjoyed a modicum of fame and female adoration in the mid 1970s as he and his band mates were lauded internationally in magazines, newspapers and on TV by no less than Jane Pauley on "The Today Show." "All That Glitters" marks Mimi's long overdue return to music. A tour is in the works for early next year.

GREGORIAN B.C. PAST CLIENT: GREGORIAN B.C. is a hard rock artist from Tampa, FL who's debut album "Conquistadors of War" ventures where no album has gone before. The combination of Gregorian chant, flamenco guitar, and hard rock make for an eclectic mix which has earned him the nickname "Conquistador of Music." One writer calls B.C. "one of the most distinctive artists in rock n roll today."

GEOFFREY ARMES PAST CLIENT: Living in multiracial Brixton, England as a child, with reggae on the streets, pop and art music at home, gave Geoffrey a deep appreciation of the breadth of music, and the myriad possibilities of expression offered. The songs on "Inside A Wall" are composed based on entries in an old journal Geoffrey kept while living in Berlin, Germany. The journal lay misplaced for several years and was only found again in 2009.

KASIM SULTON PAST CLIENT: A highly coveted sideman, singer/songwriter Kasim Sulton is recognized and respected the world over for his work with other artists, including Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Hall and Oates, Patti Smith, Patty Smyth, Mick Jagger, and Celine Dion to name just a few. His level of involvement has ranged from playing bass, keyboards, and/or guitar, to adding vocal harmonies, singing lead, and contributing as a songwriter, to producing entire albums, as he did with the Meat Loaf VH-1 Storytellers CD, released in 1999. There isn't much he hasn't done in his 25 years in the...

T JAY PAST CLIENT: After receiving a scholarship to play Division I college baseball, singer/songwriter TJay was pursuing a career as a professional baseball player, playing gigs on the side to earn a little extra money. However, one winter during the off season word about T Jay started to spread and the crowds grew. From there, the choice was easy. T Jay now performs an astounding 200+ shows per year. He is currently gearing up for a singles release in December which will be a preview of his upcoming album, "Take a Seat," set to be released in Spring 2010.

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