What We Do
Emerging Artists

Many emerging artists still assembling their support teams are finding PR to be an important component in their strategy. For those clients, ISL PR has created a comprehensive program specifically to help promote and maximize the artistsí potential in today's music industry. While our main focus remains providing highly targeted and effective publicity campaigns, we are in addition able to offer consultations and strategies that encompass some key elements of artist development and management, talent booking, and marketing.

We advise our clients and utilize industry-wide contacts to offer or suggest resources for career planning, biographies and press kits, publicity photos, video production and placement, tour planning and booking, street team marketing, and corporate sponsorship. ISL PR will advise new artists/bands on their efforts to obtain CD distribution, music publishing, and record label interest and deals and their endeavors to secure artist management and legal representation.

The diverse experiences of our staff, and concentration on the needs of each artist, enable us to generate the kind of media exposure and industry buzz essential to take bands to the next level.


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