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ISL Public Relations is happy to offer student internships on an ongoing basis. Internships are non paying positions, in exchange for school credit. We offer the students a sterling opportunity to learn the music industry from the inside, and provide a unique hands-on experience.

The ideal candidate should have a love of contemporary music, command of the English language and grammar, computer skills, experience with the Internet, have good phone skills and be efficient, diligent and motivated.

Responsibilities of the position include assembling press kits, contacting the media, coordinating with the artists, researching new media outlets, updating data base and assisting the staff in all aspects of publicity campaigns. You will have opportunities to attend our clients' local concerts. This is a great environment in which to learn!

To apply, email your resume and a cover letter to ISLPR2@aol.com. Be sure to indicate days and times of your internship availability, as well as starting and ending day of your internship.


"I loved interning at ISL Public Relations. In my three months there, I learned so much about the world of PR. The internship was a real hands-on experience, and I know the skills learned at ISL will help me a lot in the future."

Alex A.

"...I finally get to work with music. And with the live shows which is my favorite part! And I know I wouldn't have gotten this opportunity if I hadn't interned with you at ISL! I know my resumé stood out because of that experience so I am forever in debt!"

Anna Lonnstrom

"My internship at ISLPR provided me with real hands-on experience and mentoring in the public relation field. Unlike other large firms, ISLPR took the time to teach and nurture me to compete in the work force."

Ashley A.

"While interning at ISL, I learned that work doesn't actually have to feel like 'work'. I enjoyed my time spent there mostly because Ida and Sam love what they do; the positive atmosphere keeps you going."

Ayanna R-C.

"My internship with Ida taught me more about media than four years of college. "

Eldad Y.

"My internship with Ida was the most valuable learning experience I could have hoped for to help start my career. The very first day she threw me on the phone and challenged me to secure tour press for her artists. Thanks to the experienced I gained, the very next semester I was a tour publicist at a major record label whereas other interns were still stuffing envelopes."

Erika S.

"My time at ISL was not only fun and enjoyable, but also gave me the skills and experience I needed to pursue a career in the music/entertainment industry, and has certainly opened up many doors for me. I anticipate finding another internship/job that even comes close to living up to 'The ISL Experience' will be quite difficult. You guys are in a class of your own and you have no competition because you blow any potential competition out of the water!"

Gavi L-N.

"I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with both of you. I really learned a lot about the industry and have reassured myself that this is the field I need to be in."

Magen G.

"Interning at ISL Public Relations was an experience that has afforded me many great opportunities. It brought me to a respected and renowned company which has been at the very heart of the New York music scene for many years now. The publicists at ISL Public Relations are generous with their expertise and willing teachers. I was given responsibility and encouraged to take part in every aspect of the process of providing excellent PR for many varied clients. Interning at ISL is a very worthwhile experience that I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone interested in pursuing a career in this area."

Margaret F.

"I majored in Public Relations in college, but I learned so much about the practical aspects of music publicity through my internship at ISL PR. My internship helped me immeasurably in the job world."

Michelle B.

"Working at ISL PR allowed me to get so much more real hands-on experience than I would have gotten at a larger company, it definitely wasn't a ‘go-fetch-coffee’ kind of an internship."

Michelle L.

"I benefited the most from the fact that ISL Public Relations is such a small and intimate company. By working with ISL PR I gained valuable knowledge about the inner workings of a PR firm and insight into what it takes to make it as a successful band in this age."

Noah H.

"Interning at ISLPR gave me the valuable experience needed to break into the industry!"

Reg G.

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