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Stargroves is an eclectic mix of NYC based musicians, founded by lead singer and songwriter Teddy Watson. Influenced by bands such as Freelance Whales, Stars, and Sigur Rós, the members of Stargroves play a variety of intriguing instruments, accounting for the originality of their sound. In addition to singing lead vocals, Teddy also plays guitar and banjo. He is accompanied by four core band members: Enrico De Trizio (keyboard, synth, accordion), Bryan Percivall (bass, backing vocals), Charlie Rauh (electric guitar, backing vocals), and Oskar Häggdahl (drums). On certain recordings and special live performances, there is an extended cast of band members: Jesse Stacken (toy piano), Concetta Abbate (violin, viola, mandolin), George Lykogiannis (harmonium), and Sarah Goldstone (melodica). At the beginning of 2012, Teddy retreated to Iceland for three months to focus on writing music in solitude, without the distractions of NYC. Upon returning to the States, Teddy formed Stargroves and teamed up with producer Jeremy Sklarsky (Freelance Whales' "Weathervanes") to record during the summer. The result is a collection of unique, melodic, original songs sure to delight music lovers. The first single, "Westfjords," is named after the large peninsula in northwestern Iceland. The song itself is about trolls, the subject of legend in the area. Over the coming months, Stargroves will be releasing a few tracks they recorded this summer as singles, eventually leading to a full album release. Live performances are also in the works! Updates can be found at Stargroves.com.


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