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"Dear Ida, THANK YOU! You are without a doubt a diamond among rhinestones. I can't believe you have devoted such time and effort to the cause of posthumously honoring my father [Al Aronowitz]. Your dedication and efficacy are astounding. "

Joel Roi Aronowitz

"I have really enjoyed working with you. Your excitement and enthusiasm for me and my CD has been very appreciated and inspiring. So thanks!!!"

Tracy Thornton Pan For Punks: A Steelpan Tribute to The Ramones

" A million thanks for doing such a great job with The Damned. I know that it hasn't been easy, especially in light of September 11th, but I do feel much, much ground has been gained for the band and so, again, thank you!"

Brad Pollak Brad Pollak General Manager/Nitro Records

"Ida Langsam...top-rate publicity. I have never seen Ida be less than the consummate professional in the more than 20 years I've dealt with her as a writer and a friend. Ida Langsam is not just a publicist, but a creative member of the team. She's done so much for the Ramones over the years, she might as well be considered the fifth member. And she does the same for every one of her acts...one helluva publicist. Here's a woman who can handle both Jayne County and Joey Ramone with aplomb... Need I say more? She offers more than 20 years of experience on the rock battlefield, which is no easy feat. In a business of shoddy amateurs and hype mongers, Ida Langsam's a true professional."

Roy Trakin Editor In Chief/HITS MAGAZINE

"Not only was I able to recommend Ida and ISL to a potential client, I was able to see her in the action of publicizing that client in the midst of chaos and in a foreign country, no less. She scored big. Of course I love recommending my friends but with Ida I know the client will be retaining a superb publicist, not just an all around fabulous person."

Pat Baird Former Assistant VP Media Relations, BMI

"Ida Langsam is one of the few publicists able to take on virtually unknown clients, slog through impossible mires and over unpassable crags, and deliver them press. She is an unstoppable productivity machine."

Howard Bloom legendary music industry press agent

"As a person who is very reluctant to hire outside PR, Ida Langsam would always be my first choice. I have the ultimate respect for her having kept The Ramones in the limelight all those years, despite the crazy competition. I never had to second guess anything she did, and I highly recommend hiring her if you don't need the worry. She will be on your team, and is an absolute pleasure to work with."

Kymm Britton former Publicity Director, MCA Records

"Thanks. What a great job you did for the Ramones."

Howie Klein (former) Vice President, General Manager, Sire Records

"I've known and worked with Ida Langsam since my days at CREEM in the '70s, and she has never--not even for an instant--been less than completely professional, persistent, hard-working and cheerfully determined to do her job. Which she does, regularly and very successfully. I admire no other person in her profession more. Seriously. "

Dave DiMartino Editor in Chief, /LAUNCH MEDIA .COM

"Ida Langsam is one of the most knowledgeable, effective, and creative professionals in her field. She is reliable, trustworthy, and a great publicist. Working with her is a pleasure."

Jayne Grodd-Bronstein VP A&R Administration/V2 Records

"Thanks Ida. Things are feeling really good - we think because of ISL PR. We have a huge buzz going here in DC - we hope for the same in NY soon. Wow! Thank you, and your staff, for helping us move to the next level! We are all a bit taken back - in a very proud way. We also know this would have never have happened had ISL not been on board, and believed in us. If this is any indication of what might be to come, BRING IT ON BABY!"

Gene Diotalevi moodroom

"Ida and the gang rock like Elvis, Carl, and Jerry Lee. They took me from a sniveling anonymous wannabe and not only put me on the map, but had a new map drawn to fit me."

John Washburn

"Ida Langsam is one of the most conscientious, honest, and aggressive publicists with whom I have had the pleasure of working. ISLPR is an artist's dream! They work closely with the artists developing image, and exposure while navigating all the crazy politics and mine fields that are the music biz! ISLPR is especially great at working with new artists. They go the extra distance and pay attention to all the little things about which many PR firms just do not seem to care. THEY RETURN EVERY PHONE CALL!!! Need I say more?"

PAXTON Underdog/Nemperer recording artist

"Ida Langsam is no joke. She cuts through the shit and gets the job done. We love her."

Bernadette O'Reilly & Eve Nelson O'Reilly Productions, Inc.

"I laughed, I cried... she's a gem! 4 stars for Ida Langsam! I love Ida!"

Cathy Richardson star of Love, Janis

"Did I tell you that I got signed to Sony Classical? Yeah baby!!! It's very exciting. ISL really helped make this happen and I consider working with you to have been not only a pleasure, but also one of the smartest business decisions I've ever made."

Mary Fahl Sony Classical recording artist

"Focused, professional, cuts through the media clutter every time. If you have a difficult project, this is someone who truly "gets it". Highly recommended."

Bruce Haring former Convergence Editor USA TODAY

"After dealing with Major Label publicity departments as well as independent labels and their affiliates I have to say that Ida Langsam and her company ISL PR are BY FAR the most professional, dedicated, creative, trustworthy and loyal people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Ida and her team have helped me and my band Motorbaby make a name for ourselves in the music business and that's a pretty hard thing to do considering all the acts out there trying to get themselves heard. Ida makes sure that your music and your message get heard! I hope to work with Ida Langsam for a very long time."

Sharon Middendorf Lead singer/songwriter MOTORBABY

"I would like to thank Ida S. Langsam of ISL Public Relations for continuing to send me some 'cutting edge' and avant garde pop/rock releases even though the material doesn't match my jangly and pseudo-60s tastes. Ida is one of those rare individuals who still relies on personal relationships with her indie music contacts, and she never twists your arm to endorse one of her artists' releases. "

Eric Sorenson Fufkin.com

"Ida, more than anyone on my creative team, totally 'got' me. She appreciated my eccentricities, nurtured the burgeoning rock star within me, and helped me capitalize on the accessible weirdness of my debut CD, Seandemonium. Thinking 'out of the box,' Ida scored me brazen PR hits on remarkable topics: my therapy treatment for condiment obsession; my having the same name as an Alaskan murderer; my status as posterboy for male divorce angst; and my 'Hanukah With Monica' scandal CD. She's unstoppable; a PR force of nature!"

Sean Altman rock-star-in-progress

"Ida Langsam, through the years, has been a pleasure to work with. She's creative, prompt, efficient and an absolute charm. More PR folk should be like her."

Mike Greenblatt Editor, METAL MANIACS, COUNTRY MUSIC magazines

"Since 1986, when Ida Langsam first helped enormously with getting my iconoclastic 'Beauty in the Beast' out there and recognized, I've requested each company involved with me to contact her for album publicity of each new release. The companies keep changing it seems, but this professional, cordial, accessible workaholic (I guess we're rather similar that way... ;^) does not. Candidly, I doubt if you will find anyone better dedicated to effective PR over a wide range of artists and styles. "

Wendy Carlos ESD recording artist

"I have been working with Ida for 12 years and I wouldn't still be with her if she didn't do a great professional job under sometimes very difficult conditions. No complaints for down south!! Highly recommended for those who care about professionalism beyond the call of duty."

David T. Chastain recording artist and President, Leviathan Records

"Ida once suggested a story for ROCKRGRL with Wayne/Jayne County called 'Ten Men In Rock That Would Make Great Women, and How I Would Dress Them.' It was a hit -- completely hilarious, and a year later we are still getting feedback on how great it was. It's a pleasure to work with a publicist who is both resourceful AND clever."

Carla DeSantis Publisher/Editor-In-Chief ROCKRGRL Magazine

"It's great to work with Ida because she's so easy to get along with on a personal basis. It's important to be able to relate to your publicist and be able to talk to her. I was pleasantly thankful, and more than happy with the campaign Ida ran for me."

Jayne County Royalty Records recording artist and punk rock legend

"I've known Ida Langsam since...well, I'm not going to tell since when, but suffice to say its a VERY long time...and have always found her to be a class act. She's a rarity in this business, a publicist who actually understands and respects the writer's needs. When I'm dealing with Ida I can always count on her to follow through on what she says she'll do and to take care of those important little things, like promptly returning a phone call when you're on a deadline. Although I haven't been able to use every story idea Ida's pitched me, she's always done a great job making her clients as intriguing as she possibly could, and of leaving no stone unturned in trying to interest me in them. She's always been, and will, I'm sure, continue to be a pleasure to work with. Since I don't want to end this on a preposition, let me just say, She Rocks."


"Ida Langsam and ISL P.R. have been nothing short of wonderful to work with. They are thorough, hard-working, efficient and committed. Ida is very creative and uses every tool at her disposal -- and then some. She is professional, cooperative and an absolute joy. The bands love her, the record companies love her...so what are you waiting for? I highly recommend Ida and I.S.L., and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to experience her capabilities first-hand."

Barb Dehgan (former) Publicity Director, Hollywood Records

"Ida Langsam has been on my list -- or I've been on hers! -for more than a decade. I have ultimate respect for her experience, professionalism and expertise. This lady is definitely in the loop."

Ethlie Ann Vare Syndicated International Network/Hollywood Reporter

"Ida Langsam has a real feel for the context of the music. She was wonderful to work with, completely professional and down to earth. She's also one of the smartest publicists I've ever worked with--she knows her rock & roll!"


"Ida Langsam runs a professional, hip, and thoroughly knowledgeable publicity firm which leaves no media un-explored. What else can one ask from a publicist?"

David Walley author, No Commercial Potential:The Saga of Frank Zappa

"Ida has an eye for the ironic and the original, always presenting her clients in a new light, and giving me some fresh angle to write about. She's a dream to work with, always gets me that piece of elusive information that I need on a moment's notice. She's the best in the business."

Jaan Uhelszki News Writer, USA TODAY, ROLLING STONE.COM

"Publishing a daily music news service for radio for the past 20 years has taught me the value of prompt answers, accurate and complete information and the luxury of a friendly voice. Ida always knows how to throw in that one little twisted detail that sends the item wide."

Terry Marshall Editor/Publisher, THE DAILY INSIDER

"Ida Langsam is to date, the most reliable, precise & responsible publicist I have had the pleasure of working with...and she always returns my calls!!!!!!!!"

Sue McCallum former Publicity Director/MCA Records, Canada

"I have three words to say about Ida: Great job. Always. She is through, professional and a pleasure to work with. Always."


"As a journalist, Ida's really easy and fun to work with. She's persistent and enthusiastic but never pushy, and always sends things right away if I'm on deadline. Plus, she goes the extra distance to help find cool angles and outlets for stories, which not only helps her clients, it really helps me as well."


"The people at ISL kept the information flowing and have excellent follow-up!"

Michele Delfino Marketing Director, North Side Records

"I've worked with Ida for many years and what impresses me most is how closely she becomes involved with her clients. I actually thought she was a Ramone for several years, until recently, when Joey and I figured out she wasn't. If you want to know anything or anyone...ask Ida. If you want everyone to know about you...hire Ida. She gets the job done, and she loves doin' it. If she wants me to hear about a client, I automatically know it's someone worth my attention."

Robbie Woliver Editor, THE ISLAND EAR

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you...and your incredible crew for all your time, assistance and efforts on our Rocktober festivities. Stephen Spielberg's 'Amazing Stories' fare up as a pale comparison to your performances! Enough said...Merci Beaucoup!"

Rose Polidoro (former) Director of Advertising & Promotion, WNEW-FM

"Roxx Gang will forever be in your debt due to the outstanding publicity campaign of your offices. You brought them to my attention and through your newsletters I was able to follow their progress. This is what enabled Virgin Records to eventually sign the act to the label...The initial presentation was very professional and caught our attention with its potential. It made the band stand apart from the rest...Thanks to your continued support post-recording the Roxx Gang received more press than most of our acts ever achieve. It drew the attention of the entire staff and public, making the jobs of our various departments easier. You are one diligent worker and I know that your company will grow rapidly on the success of those you promote."

Loric Weymouth (former) Virgin Records East Coast A&R

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